Voice-Over Work by Cynthia Farrell

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Cythina Farrell is a native Spanish speaker of Mexican heritage. She speaks English, however, without a trace of an accent. She grew up in Los Angeles, California and moved to New York City as an adult.  Cynthia can pronounce English verbiage and product words with absolute clarity and as well in Spanish.

Cynthia has performed much of her voice-over commercial work as an announcer in English, as well as in Spanish, bringing her talent as a voice-over performer to clients such as Neutrogena, Cascade, Dawn, Macy’s, Ralph Lauren, Verizon, and major Ad agencies such as Hogarth, JTW, Publicis.

Cynthia also brings her voice-over talent to video games.  She has taken on roles such as Talia al Ghul, a DC Universe villain in  Batman: Dark Tomorrow.

She is well known for her role as “Catalina” in Grand Theft Auto III and San Andreas (IV).   


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